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Business English is a specialized area of English relating to the language used in business. Every year more and more people are studying courses in Business English to improve their chances of finding a job at home, career prospects and to be able to work in English speaking countries. If you’ve already studied a General English course or similar, or your English is already quite good, you might be wondering if it would be useful to study Business English.

Effective Business English Communication skills Training Program is one of our most popular training programs for modern professionals.

Good communicators always have an advantage. Therefore, the ability to communicate well is a very important skill. Through our holistic business communication training program, students can learn to communicate effectively in their workplace.

Course Objective:

• Understand the importance of communication skills and using them to enhance their work and social life.
• Understand the concept of interpersonal skills, learn and use some of them in the communication process
• Learn to use the voice effectively for enhanced casual and business communication.
• Communicate more effectively with speakers of British, American, Asian, and Oriental English.
• Using devices like idioms and phrasal verbs so as to enhance communication skills.
• Trainees to understand the importance of optimal body language, and its use it in everyday communication.

Course Contents:

• Need and purpose for Effective Business English communication skills training
• Interpersonal skills and Effective Communication
• Speaking Assertively, with Confidence, and also with a Positive attitude
• Role of Sense of humor and Empathy in Communication
• Introduction to Cross-cultural communication along with Sensitivity
• The concept of influencing people through Communication and factors involved
• Definition, Importance, Types, and Components of Communication
• Verbal Communication-Components, Pitch, Intonation, Accent, Tone, Clarity, Pace, etc.
• Non-verbal communication, Effective Body Language -Posture, Gesture, Facial expression, Eye contact
• Listening skills and Concept of Para-language
• Business Communication- Importance and components
• Meeting, Greeting Introductions, Oneself and Others, and Small talk.
• Asking questions to get information and giving directions
• Usage of phrasal verbs and idioms.
• Understand regional accents and effectively communicate with those who speak it.

English Language Training in Dubai

Are you interested in learning, speaking, and writing in English? Enroll in Elegant Spoken English Training in Dubai to Speak English fluently. Elegant teaches over 10,000 candidates yearly at our Best Spoken English Classes in Dubai. We know what the students need and understand the difficulty they face in this competitive world. Hence we offer customized courses as per your learning ability.

Why Spoken English Classes In Dubai?

Language is one of the best mediums to highlight your talent. Spoken English Classes in Dubai will help you to improve your English Knowledge. English is considered as one the best language to communicate, people who can communicate in English can survive almost anywhere in the world. In our country, many talented people are not getting their actual chances because of communication. We understand your trouble and offer Spoken English Training in Dubai at an affordable price.
Learning methodology is completely different in our English Coaching Classes in Dubai; we have a more interactive and fun section to train students to become professional English speakers in a short span of time. Our teaching style makes you feel more comfortable learning this pretty language and keep you more motivated to complete the course successfully.
English fluency is a mandatory skill to sustain and grow in any field. Without practical training, you can’t get this skill at any cost. Just break your threat and enroll in our English Coaching Classes in Dubai, we are here to shape up your inter and intra personality skills. We have faculties who hold internationally acknowledged credentials in teaching English to provide Spoken English classes to the students.
We are not only here for beginners, we offer Spoken English Classes in Dubai for individuals who are looking to learn an American accent to speak and write. At the end of the course, we provide prestigious certification for all successful students.

What You Will Learn :

• Understand Economy and Business Theory
Today’s business world requires creative and constructive thinking. Trends and technology change rapidly, so it’s important for aspiring business people to understand how the world economy works, both today and throughout history.
Reading business English allows students to understand business trends and the reasoning behind business practices.
• Focus on Current News and Trends
Business English classes use up-to-date texts supplemented with articles from real-life publications. This means that students cover it all, from search engine optimization to new e-commerce trends for small businesses.
In addition, many assignments are based on the news, so students get a chance to think critically with their peers to complete their assignments.
• Cooperation and teamwork
Even the most intelligent MBA students sometimes fail in the business world because they don’t have the proper interpersonal skills to work with others. The most successful businesses, especially those which work internationally, have people who can deal with their colleagues in a professional fashion. Taking a business English class involves regular presentations and group work, which prepares students for working with others. Students also get an extra advantage by working and sharing ideas with people from different nationalities.
• Gain Confidence
While business English studies are often challenging, all of the presentations, listening, writing, and reading exercises students do in class help them to gain the confidence they need to work in today’s fast-paced business world. Not only do students learn valuable language skills, but they also develop an understanding of how to work in complicated business environments.

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Elegant Professional and Management Development is a leading Training Institute Dubai, U.A.E. We specialize in affordable and effective face-to-face training in a variety of courses to meet the needs of today’s business.

We design and customize courses and programs for people of different walks and professions like Engineering, IT, Finance, Sales & Marketing and HR & Administration, whether trying to enter into the job market or employees willing to achieve professional development and qualification to secure advancement in their careers and improve their performance level.

Our training is stretching, motivating and tailored to the individual learner. We develop and deliver training courses for organizations across all sectors. All of our courses can be tailored specifically to your team’s needs and delivered at your site as well.

We also run a range of courses for individuals at our Training Institute Dubai, enabling delegates to get out of the office so they can network with other learners, build their skills and confidence, and practice in a safe learning environment.

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