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This software is used to deliver projects more smartly. With the powerful software as MicroStation by the side, it is easy to take design, construction, or any operations project. Despite the design information or kind of deliverables required, you can always trust MicroStation’s power and capacity to perform every task.

The MicroStation family provides the power and versatility to view, document, and visualize information-rich design and infrastructure projects of all types.

Microstation Training Objectives

This course aims to provide students with the ability to get up and go running so that they can complete 2D drawing projects, edit graphics, title blocks, and generate results while using MicroStation.

The software has been used successfully for more than 20 years. Also, there are thousands of significant projects that have been carried out with the implementation of MicroStation. Students, who are planning to learn, will be happy to know that a company working on global infrastructure projects takes MicroStation as the preferred CAD platform.


SCOPE OF Microstation Training

This software from Bentley Systems is currently quite popular and we can see its varied scope in the future also. It provides numerous features such as:

  • The designing of models has become much simpler than any model either in 2D or 3D, as it provides a simple interface for designing and imaging.
  • The ease of documenting the designs along with 2D designs, reports, and other miscellaneous schedules is among the much-appreciated feature and is widely accepted by the product designers.

It would be wise to say that in current evolving technologies, MicroStation is the ultimate software having enhanced as well as amazing features to be used for all future projects in infrastructure design and documentation. With its widely growing popularity, many institutes have already started familiarizing their workforce/ students with this software by encouraging easy access via a free download option.

This software has already been acquainted with more than 30000 students and they are well trained in it. Seeing the high and popular demand for this software, many colleges have also introduced this tool in their regular curriculum. So now their students can make themselves accustomed to this latest evolving technology and take architectural designing to new heights that were never seen before.

About Microstation Training:

This course is guaranteed to put students on the fast track to mastering MICROSTATION! Cleverly engineered project and lab exercises harness the power of Connect Edition functionality, guiding students to increased productivity. This course features expanded discussion of element modification, reference file usage, and manipulation, new Internet utilities, plus leading-edge 3D design and rendering techniques. Detailed instructions for seamless access to compatible file formats, dimensioning styles, and sophisticated system-level data are also included, making this the ultimate course for students at all levels.

Microstation Training Contents:
  • MicroStation Manager, MicroStation Key-in Window
  • Adding dimensions to a drawing
  • Drawing Commands Lines, Circles, Shapes, Smart lines
  • Delete, Move, Rotate, Scale, Undo, Redo, etc.
  • Adding Text to a drawing
  • Adding patterning to a drawing
  • Element selection & manipulation by fence delete, copy
  • Use of Cells and Cell Libraries
  • Overview of MicroStation
  • Main Menu, Screen Menus
  • Controlling display attributes
  • Editing Commands
  • Copy parallel, Extend, Trim
  • Using Accudraw
  • View Commands, Zoom, Window, Update, Fit
  • Element selection using power selector
  • Introduction to the Use of Reference Files
  • Controlling the display of reference files
  • Saving and Plotting Drawings
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