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On-Site / Workshop
Jul 17, 2022 - Jul 29, 2022
USD  2,500.00


The population is growing, and there is a clear need for more and better infrastructure to match. Roads, airports, schools, hospitals and housing: the list is enormous and growing. Yet severely limited budgets and deficits continue to prevent government at all levels from delivering the kinds of structural change that have always been needed. In the Middle East, however, some countries in the region have developed relatively successful PPP programmes – similar in many ways yet with specific national characteristics. Challenges remain throughout the region and are intensifying in the current environment.

Merely grasping the concepts of PPP does not do justice to our great responsibility of having ownership in our nation’s future. We already know what we need to do, now is the time to really discover HOW.

This master class aims to do just that. Beginning with an in-depth understanding of how PPPs work, from financial, commercial, project & legal aspects, we seek to push our participants to innovate with real-life case studies, group discussions and technical evaluation.

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Understanding the various types of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and understand the macro-economic drivers of PPPs
  • Gain insights on the investment characteristics of infrastructure assets
  • Find out how to structure PPP projects and the major activities that need to be conducted during the project
  • Learn PPP funding structures and options including how to attract investors, getting ROI, project finance options, the role of capital markets and capital structures
  • PPP Project Planning Step-by-Step Approach and Practical Lessons Learned in areas such as project planning, cost control, risk management, feasibility studies, project implementation and delivery
  • Understand the Legal and Contractual Aspects of PPP
  • Sector-by-Sector Analysis of successful PPP models and structures- Lessons Learned

Who should attend  ? Officers & Executives in the position of

  • Government Officials & Senior Officers from National Line Ministries, State Infrastructure Agencies, or Municipal Governments
  • Officials & Senior Officers from PPP, Privatization Units or Investment Agencies responsible for infrastructure development
  • Project Developers involved in PPP project development/financing
  • PPP Transaction Advisors, Bankers & Legal Consultants
  • The staff of Bilateral and International Development Organizations



PPP structures
Public infrastructure and private sector
Essential elements for PPP contract
Developing PPP programmes
Framework for measuring, monitoring and reporting
Challenges of PPPs
Risk-sharing – construction, completion & operation phase risks
Insurance, warranties and risk allocation
WTO’s Agreement on Government Procurement
UNCITRAL 2011 Model Law on Procurement
PPP Negotiations & Strategies


Alternative to positional bargaining
Harvard Principled Negotiation Techniques
PIOC strategies
Getting to “Yes” to all terms & conditions
Non-verbal communication
Beware of negotiation pitfalls
Role-play negotiations
Five Breakthrough Stages of Difficult Negotiations


Recognize tactics & dirty tricks – Do not React
Create a favorable climate – Do not Argue
Encourage joint problem solving & expose their tricks – Do not  Reject
Build a golden bridge – Do not Push
Use power to educate – Do not Escalate
Sharing best practices in the negotiation process
Role-play exercise – Handling Difficult Negotiations
The PPP Procurement Procedures

Business case

Bankable in project financing
Feasibility phase
Determine value for money
External advisers – technical, finance, legal
Due diligence
Market sounding
Dealing with conflict of interests
Invitation for bids
Evaluation of bids – technical & financial evaluation
Conditions precedent
Financial close
Audit & Proper Documentation
Contract Management & Key Implementation Issues


Right personnel on both sides
Project management team
Monitoring and reporting requirements
Manage variations well – cost implications
Payment service-fee mechanism
Usage and availability based payments
Stakeholder management – communication issues
Termination Issues


Compensation events
Consequences in a change of law
Early termination
Step-in rights


Jul 17, 2022 - Jul 29, 2022
No. of Days: 8
Total Hours: 45
No. of Participants: 5
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