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Jul 24, 2022 - Jul 29, 2022
USD  2,200.00


“Portfolio construction" is not simply a matter of selecting stocks and bonds and determining their allocation. It involves understanding how all of the different components work together and how elements like risk and diversification play a role. See the curriculum below to master the fundamentals of portfolio construction.

When building an investment portfolio there are two very important considerations.

The first is asset allocation, which is concerned with how an investment is spread across different asset types and regions.
The second is fund selection, which is concerned with the choice of fund managers and funds to represent each of the chosen asset classes and sectors.

Both of these considerations are important, although academic studies have consistently shown that in the medium to long term, asset allocation usually has a much larger impact on the variability of a portfolio’s return.


Understand how to design robust asset allocation models for all market conditions
Build and maintain optimal portfolio’s based on investor needs
Analyze the key features, advantages and risks of a broad range of asset classes and their performance in different market conditions
Recognize different approaches to identifying and capturing alpha
Gain competitive advantage from understanding behavioral biases and how to manage them
Understand the theoretical and practical issues in connection with multi asset class investing

Financial Accounting Team Members
Financial Planning and Budgeting Professionals
Strategic Planning and Head Office Team Members
Corporate Communication and Investor Relations Professionals
Investment Analysts and Advisers
Investors in general


Overview of Stock Market Analysis

  • Definitions of Stock
  • Types of Stocks
  • The risk-free rate of return
  • Yield curve
  • Why do Stock Prices Move?
  • Understanding business cycles
  • Bull and Bear Markets
  • Warren Buffett: Value Investing

Active Portfolio Management Performance

  • Risk based portfolio management (RBPM)
  • Effective predictions
  • Information assessment
  • Portfolio structure
  • Transactions expenses, revenue, and tradeoff
  • Implementation Evaluation
Overview of Portfolio Management
  • Project portfolio definition
  • Project portfolio management definition
  • What is governance
  • Why do we need a project portfolio?
  • Managing the resources

Investment Management Process

  • Difference between investing and financing
  • Difference between direct and indirect investment
  • Investment environment
  • Financial markets
  • Investment management procedure

Capital Planning

  • Real-time Visibility Into Capital Budgets and Investments: Build Capital Plans That Maximize ROI
  • Optimize the Capital Portfolio

Elements of Portfolio Management

  • Resources accessibility
  • How to prioritize elements of portfolio?
  • How to balance out the project portfolio?
  • How to deliver investment oversight?

Computable Methodologies of Investment Assessment

  • Return on investment and expected rate of return
  • Investment risk. Variance and standard deviation
  • Relationship between risk and return
  • Covariance
  • Relationship and coefficient of determination
  • The revenues on stock vs market portfolio

Dynamic Planning

  • Revisit Strategic Direction: 
  • Reallocate Funding: 
  • Reprioritize Investments: 
  • Realign Teams and Work: 
  • Review Performance:

Getting Started on the Project Portfolio Management

  • The goal of portfolio documentation
  • Quantity metrics
  • Project portfolio reports
  • Portfolio risk analysis
  • Portfolio risk management effective policies
  • Seizing investment data

 Portfolio Management and Evaluation

  • Difference between active and passive portfolio management
  • Difference between strategic and tactical asset distribution
  • Managing and modification of the portfolio
  • Portfolio performance matrices

Managing the Project Portfolio strategically

  • Review the performance of portfolio
  • Yearly portfolio review
  • Factors of success in portfolio management
  • Project portfolio management drawbacks
  • Portfolio requirements

Strategically Portfolio preparation

  • The Current Investment Environment and Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Inefficient Markets
  • Application of Financial Derivatives
  • Portfolio Management & Performance Measures
  • Recent Developments and Personal Finance


Jul 24, 2022 - Jul 29, 2022
No. of Days: 4
Total Hours: 25
No. of Participants: 5
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