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Best UAE Corporate Tax Training Center in Dubai, Course covers the requirement for filling returns, registrations, payment of tax, and methodology of computing taxes, through several case studies.

What you will get:

Complete materials with case studies

Certificate of Completion

KHDA Certificate



  • Who is taxable, what is taxable, who is not Taxable, Tax Base, and Tax
  • Entity, Government Entity, Government Controlled Entity, Qualifying Public Entity, Public Benefit Entity, Qualifying Public Benefit Entity
  • Business Activity, Mandated Activity, Principal Activity, Qualifying Business Activity, Licensed Activity, Insured Activity, Overall Activity
  • Registration, De-Registration, Tax Period, Tax Filing, Record Keeping
  • Accounting Income & Revenue
  • Qualifying Income, Taxable Income, Exempt Income, State Sourced Income
  • Tax Group and Taxable Income of a Tax Group
  • Net Interest
  • Free Zone and Qualifying Free Zone
  • Calculating Tax Liability, Tax Loss Relief, Transfer of Tax Loss, and Limitations
  • Withholding Tax, Foreign Tax, EMARATAX, Value Added Tax
  • Exemptions, Reliefs, and Deductions
  • Related Party and Transfer Pricing, Arm’s Length Principle, Parent, and Subsidiary angle
  • Non-Deductible Expenditure
  • Tax Period and Record-Keeping
  • Various % of deductions
  • Persons, Natural Persons, Resident Persons, Non-Resident Persons, Taxable Persons, Juridical Persons, Connected Persons, Exempted Persons, Independent Persons
  • Direct and Indirect Ownership and their importance
  • Market Value, Fair Value, Book Value
  • Violations and Penalties
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