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Excel 365 Course + Zero measurement + Online book

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Excel 365 Course + Zero measurement + Online book
  • Target group: Beginners with some basic knowledge who want to master the basic functionalities of Excel
  • Level: Basic + Advanced + Expert
  • Required knowledge level: Basic computer knowledge
  • Course duration: 14:38 (Video clips of 2 to 5 minutes / depending on personal speed)
  • Online access: 24/7, 365 days after activation
  • Online book included
  • Certificate of Participation included (after a minimum of 70% success rate)
Excel course

Excel 365 version 2019 course in a virtual Office 365 cloud environment with practical assignments and rich interactive videos with speech and subtitles with a practical pre-test. The result of this test is imported into your course so that you have a tailor-maDe training. The progress report of your course shows which knowledge you have not yet mastered, but also on which parts you can work more efficiently. As a result, only what you still need to know about Excel 365 will learn.

This E-Learning also prepares you for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam thanks to its high quality. Door developed by MOS teachers with more than 27 years of experience and the publisher is a Microsoft Gold Partner. Reports in the Learning Portal (LMS) and a certificate of participation after >70% of the course. SCORM capability.

Get to know the spreadsheet program Excel and master the basic to advanced functionalities. After attending this course, you will be able to make full use of Excel. All necessary topics will be covered such as: entering and formatting data, simple to complex calculations, charts, managing large tables, pivot tables and advanced functionalities.

Target group
Anyone who wants to (re)learn the basic operations in Excel and master the advanced functionalities.

Required level
No knowledge of Excel is required. With minimal use of the program, progress will be faster.

Expected duration for the essential modules
14 h 50 min (Video clips of 2 to 5 minutes on average)


Training content


This module provides you with interactive training consisting of 45 lecture videos, 45 assignments and
5 files with additional information.

Introduction to Excel, filling out a table

  • What you need to know about: Spreadsheets
  • Opening workbooks
  • General work environment
  • Moving around in a workbook
  • What you need to know about: Entry help
  • Entering data
  • What you need to know about: Selecting, copying and moving
  • Selecting and deleting cells
  • Cancel and restore operation
  • Column width/row height
  • What you need to know about: Saving files
  • Saving workbooks
  • Modifying cell contents
  • Creating a new workbook

Make your first calculations

  • Entering formulas
  • Sum and other simple calculations
  • Calculating a percentage
  • Copy to adjacent cells

Take care of the formatting of your data

  • Simple number notations
  • Apply Theme
  • Character Formatting
  • Font and font size
  • Aligning cell contents
  • Cell Color
  • Cell borders

Print and set up page layouts in your worksheets

  • Page Layout
  • Print preview and print
  • Page Break
  • Print area
  • What you need to know about: Header and footer
  • Header and footer

Working more efficiently with Excel

  • Using Excel help
  • Spellcheck
  • Search and Replace
  • Zooming in and out
  • Inserting or removing rows, columns and cells
  • Moving cells
  • Copy to non-adjacent cells
  • Quickly copy cell formatting
  • Merge cells
  • Print cell contents
  • Cell styles
  • Sorting a table

Manage worksheets

  • Worksheet name and tab color
  • Inserting, deleting worksheets and setting the background
  • Move, copy and hide worksheets
  • Block column/row, split screen
  • Print column and row titles repeatedly
  • Hide worksheet items
  • Grouping data in overview

This module provides you with interactive training consisting of 60 lecture videos, 60 assignments and
5 files with additional information.

Evolve to complex tables

  • Displaying multiple lines in cell
  • An absolute reference in formula
  • Copy calculation results and links, transpose
  • What you need to know about: Entering functions
  • System date and date format
  • Simple condition
  • Custom notation
  • Applying conditional formatting
  • Managing conditional formatting
  • Cell range name
  • Validation criterion
  • Cell ranges in functions

Presenting your figures in graph form

  • What you need to know about: Charts
  • Creating and moving a chart
  • Managing a graph
  • Selecting chart elements
  • Adding or removing chart elements
  • Formatting chart elements
  • Modifying chart text elements
  • Legend and drawing area
  • Printing a chart and page layout

Improve the layout of your charts

  • Modifying data labels
  • Data sets and graph axes
  • Managing sequences
  • Chart type options
  • Manage chart templates
  • Create a 2D map chart
  • Creating a sparkline chart
  • Manage Sparklines

Enhance your tables

  • Creating a graphic object
  • Selecting and deleting objects
  • Copying and moving objects
  • Defining the size of a graphic object
  • Modifying a text box
  • Editing a shape
  • Formatting drawing objects
  • Inserting an image
  • Managing images
  • Rotating and aligning objects
  • Overlapping and grouping objects

Using your data lists

  • Calculating subtotals
  • Creating and managing a data table
  • Displaying and sorting data from a data table
  • Adding a calculation to a data table
  • Automatic filtering
  • Custom filters
  • Empty and duplicate values
  • What you need to know about: Criterion ranges
  • Filtering with criterion range
  • Filtering and copying rows with criterion range
  • Calculations with criterion range

Create and use pivot tables and graphs

  • What you need to know about: Pivot tables and graphs
  • Creating a pivot table
  • Modifying a pivot table and adding calculations
  • Changing the source of a pivot table
  • Selecting, copying, moving, and deleting a pivot table
  • Structuring and printing a pivot table
  • Formatting a pivot table
  • Filtering a pivot table
  • To filter using slicers
  • Basing a pivot table on multiple data tables
  • Adding fields or calculated elements
  • Grouping data
  • Creating a Pivot Chart

This module provides you with interactive training consisting of 42 lecture videos, 42 assignments and
5 files with additional information.

Work even more efficiently

  • Convert data
  • What you need to know about: Automatic fast fill
  • Using data sets
  • Custom views
  • Note on cell
  • Error checking
  • Evaluating formulas
  • Control window

Use advanced function calculations

  • Lookup table and functions
  • Text functions
  • Calculate time
  • Calculate dates
  • Conditions with AND, OR, NOT
  • absolute conditions
  • Conditional functions
  • Matrix formula
  • Calculating with copies
  • Merge
  • Financial functions
  • Table with double entries

Discover New Functionalities

  • Target search
  • Solution
  • Scenario management
  • Hyperlink
  • What you need to know about: Styles and templates
  • Creating and customizing a theme
  • Creating and using a template
  • What you need to know about: Import, export and interoperability
  • Editing and deleting a template
  • Transferring Excel data: PDF, XPS, email and web page
  • Converting Excel files
  • Importing data
  • Update and manage imported data
  • Workbook properties

Share workbooks securely

  • Workbook security
  • Protecting cells
  • Share a workbook
  • Tracking changes in a workbook
  • Merge folders
  • Finishing a Workbook
  • Digital signature
  • Create a form
  • Protect and use a form

To learn even more about it....

  • Macro command
  • Restoring versions and files
  • What you need to know about: Customizing the ribbon
  • What you need to know about: Good habits for spreadsheets
  • What you need to know about: Collaborating on a workbook

Office 2019: Cases
Excel, Word or PowerPoint with an Office 365 subscription
This module provides you with a 20-minute video.

Emailing ma Office with or without an Office 365 subscription: what are the differences?
Creating and saving Office documents to OneDrive, SharePoint Online, or Teams
Editing a document from OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams
Sharing Office documents with colleagues or with people outside the organization
Collaborating on a file

Excel 2019: Cases
This module provides you with a 48-minute video.
Setting up a quality control

  • Presentation of the use case
  • Creating the statistical formulas
  • Preparing the diagram
  • Create a control chart
  • Modify the appearance of the control chart
  • Conclusion
  • Analyzing the library visit
  • Presentation of the use case
  • The graph Development of the number of visitors
  • Creating the pivot tables
  • Conclusion
  • Keeping track of the budget
  • Presentation of the use case
  • Creating the pivot tables
  • Creating the charts
  • Creating the dashboard
  • Conclusion
  • Reducing costs
  • Presentation of the use case
  • Creating the formulas
  • Solving the problem with the Solver
  • Conclusion

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