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Fashion Summer Camp

Certification by  Campustar Fashion
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On-Site / Certification


Fashion Summer Camp 
overall concepts ideas and knowledge about different aspects in fashion design including fashion sketch, color theory, creativity, pattern knowledge, tailoring technique, collection and portfolio

Students will build capability of presenting their designs through various drawing technique and skill and other creative artistic methods, gain comprehensive knowledge in fashion design.

Capable to work as fashion designer, fashion artist, fashion consultant and also able to handle complete cycle of fashion business.


Fashion model proportion study / fashion model drawing technique / garment shape and styling study / garments design concept / fabric texture drawing / fabric manipulation concepts and drawing / color theory & color rendering / fashion illustration / collage creation / design with drape / live drawing /mood board and story board presentation / portfolio & collection


Chief Faculty:
Hongkong origin, educated in UK fashion collage, further study in Italy, work experience in Japan, Singapore and UAE for more than 10 years.

Special Offer

Apart from classroom study, students will be given off-class projects to complete on their own to ensure the required knowledge and skill are properly obtained. 
To the end of the course every student will be awarded with professional certificate to mark on his talents which can be used internationally as academy and commercial reference. 
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CAMPUSTAR (FZ LLC) FASHION - is an Italian registered trademark in fashion field with its campus located in Dubai UAE. We are a business partner of Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai free-zone education hub and a member in TECOM Investments (Dubai free-zone government organization).

Our business line has two main sectors: one is fashion design training program and the other is commercial fashion studio in collaboration with local fashion brand JIN.Fashion which produces high end ready-to-wear and haute couture in women's clothing.

All fashion training programs running in our Dubai campus are subject based short term courses. Our unique and professional training methods plus high individual focus make "CAMPUSTAR"  the best choice of learning fashion design  in Dubai. Students also gets good benefit from our commercial link by involving in fashion shows, fashion events which provide great platform to start their fashion career upon completion of their study.

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