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This course provides a comprehensive education and gives the sound understanding of principles of key areas of the organization. The course make them understand the role of highly professional secretary or administrator requires like excellent office skills, accurate filing, preparing for meetings, dealing with people, exceptional interpersonal abilities & business writing and communication skills. Personal development and people skills are prominent features of the course. It helps to learn how to be assertive, how to resolve conflicts and a crucial talent for dealing with people outside and within the organization.


* Role of a Secretary and office manager

* Traits of a professional secretary

* Essentials of effective office system

* Communication via letter, memo minutes and proposal writing

* Email writing for all professionals

* Verbal communication via avis meeting and discussions

* Managing office colleagues, peers and juniors through effective communication

* Time management

* Conflict management and assertive training

* Managing your seniors & Travel management

* Organizing meetings, Pre and post meeting activities

* Office ethics and telephone etiquette

* Office vocabulary and parlance

Basic knowledge of power point, word document excel.

  • New job seekers
  • Skill upgrading on the job
  • Expats looking for admin jobs
  • Expats looking for Secretarial jobs

18 hours


Svarna Training Institute

Business Suit No-113 (1st Floor)

Sultan Business Centre, Oud Metha

Near Lamcy Plaza, P.O Box: 32246

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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