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In the modern era, electrical equipment is of great use when it comes to technological devices. Electrical transformers are one of the major necessities of providing electricity and making different links in electrical fields. Electrical Transformer Basics talks about how units are utilized to lessen voltage for different everyday electrical applications. More than a million electrical transformers are situated on utility pylons and bond cushions over the western region. Electrical Transformers serve the vital capacity of changing voltage potential to higher or lower qualities to meet the apparatuses and hardware voltage level prerequisites. Miss-advised use, upkeep and disregard can bring about substantial misfortunes to organizations and also to the earth. This electrical transformer instructional class presents essential safe operational and field diagnostics of transformers with the emphasis on safe operation, testing and upkeep of the appropriation transformers typically introduced in substations and on shafts. Understudies will learn Electrical Transformer Basics – sheltered and legitimate measures and testing techniques on force transformers. The course covers transformers utilized as a part of business and mechanical force conveyance frameworks, including oil and dry-sort units. Bigger force transformers utilized as a part of utility applications are likewise secured.

Prerequisite or relevant knowledge

Knowledge about basic fundamentals of electrical engineering is mandatory for this course. A little knowledge regarding English language is required for this course.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals from various professions can join this course including technicians, field engineers, surveyors and other people who test and maintain power transformers rated to 500 MVA.


Day 1*

  1. Introduction
  2. Safety for Technicians
  3. Lab Safety Rules
  4. On-the-Job Safety

III. Transformer Types

  1. Transformer Types
  2. Transformer Designs
  3. Cooling Classifications
  4. Components and Indicators
  5. Major Components
  6. Indicators and Alarms
  7. Nameplate Data
  8. Transformer Nameplate
  9. Nameplate Data Exercise
  10. Inspections
  11. Visual (Routine) Inspections
  12. Diagnostic Inspections
  13. Recommendations for Testing

And Maintenance

Day 2

VII. Transformer DC

  1. General Safety Precautions
  2. DC Testing
  3. Insulation Resistance
  4. Winding Resistance Testing
  5. Lab – Winding Resistance Testing

VIII. Transformer AC

  1. AC Testing
  2. Power Factor Testing Fundamentals
  3. Typical Tests Performed Using

Power Factor/Dissipation Factor Test Sets

  1. Transformer Bushing Testing
  2. Liquid Insulating Power Testing
  3. Core Excitation Current Testing
  4. Lab – Turns Ratio Testing a Transformer
  5. Lab – Power Factor/Dissipation Factor Testing

Day 3

  1. Transformer Oil Testing
  2. Insulating Liquids
  3. Liquid Sampling
  4. Sampling for Power Factor Testing
  5. Sampling for Gas-In Oil Analysis
  6. Dielectric Breakdown Voltage Test
  7. Color Testing (ASTM D-1500)
  8. Visual Examination (ASTM D-1524)
  9. Neutralization of Number Test (ASTM D+1533)
  10. Interfacial Tension Test
  11. Moisture Content Test (ASTM D-1533)
  12. Liquid Insulating Power Factor Testing
  13. Evaluation of Test Data

Day 4

  1. Transformer Gas Testing
  2. Gas Detection
  3. Oxygen Testing
  4. Combustible Gas Testing
  5. Gas Analysis Interpretation
  6. Lab – Insulation Resistance Testing

Day 5 (Half Day)

  1. Filling and Filtering
  2. Reconditioning
  3. Filter and Filter Presses
  4. Centrifuges
  5. Vacuum Dehydrators
  6. Reclaiming
  7. Draining and Filling

XII. Drying

  1. Most Approved Dry out Method
  2. Vacuum and Hot Oil Dry Out
  3. Other Common Drying Methods
  4. Determination of Dryness

XIII. Conclusion

  1. Review Material
  2. Pickup Lab Equipment
  3. Final Exam
  4. Completion of Course Paperwork

Impact/Benefits of this Course

This course helps you in distinguishing power/instrument and dissemination of transformers sorts, parts and assistant hardware. The major benefit of this course is assessing transformer setup for the application and translating nameplate information. Performing and assessing the consequences of protection resistance, winding resistance, turns proportion, center excitation and power element tests of windings, bushings and fluid protection is the core emphasis in this course. The use of recurrence reaction analyzer to recognize harm is also discussed in this course. Figuring out polarization list and temperature rectifications and Perform oil examining, testing, drying, filling and separating, clarifying gas examining and testing and then consolidating test results to investigate transformer issues is focused.

At Course Completion

After completion of this course, the students are able to understand the basic working and operating of the transformer, understand turns ratios and calculate terminal voltage and current, learn the final markings and various multi phase schemes and hands on training to perform test on insulation system.

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