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Two world-class instructors - led by Dr. Andrew Jardine, an international authority in the asset management field and a respected consultant, author, teacher and innovator in the area of reliability, replacement and equipment maintenance. The program combines fundamental need-to-know material with new but already proven leading-edge approaches that have shown measurable pay-offs. Participants at earlier, similar courses at the University’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering have come from the world over and from a great mix of commercial industries and government organizations. Their satisfaction with these courses has been impressive. Attendees will receive five full days of instruction that includes a wide range of case-study examples to show how the principles have been successfully and widely applied. Everyone will come away equipped with complete binder notes on the sessions’ material plus valuable hard-cover books, not to mention a learning experience that they will probably refer to as “unparalleled”.

Delivery Type: Group Live | Prerequisites: None | Level: Advanced


1. How to assess you organization’s MAINTENANCE MATURITY and dynamics that govern your maintenance function and organization.

2. How to PRIORITIZE opportunities within your maintenance organization

3. What are the KEY FINANCIAL INFLUENCES of asset management KEY METRICS for asset management

4. LEADING PRACTICES in Asset Management

5. The value of properly executed PLANNING AND SCHEDULING

6. The need to consider PEOPLE as the major component of a successful Asset Management program

7. TECHNOLOGY TRENDS in Asset Management

8. An approach to Total Asset Life-cycle Management (TLAM)

9. Key INITIATIVES TO TAKE BACK to your organization to improve your Asset Management

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