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Etiquette for Children from
   7 to 12 year olds.
-Mind Your Manners
-Table Manners
-Party & Restaurant Manners

Etiquette for Teen from
   14 to 19 year olds.
-General Attitude & Social Skills
-Table Manners
-Invitation Manners
-Presentation Skills & Initiation to Public Speaking

  Etiquette for Young Adult from
   19 to 25 years old.
-Social Etiquette
-Writing Resume
-Interviewing Skills


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Finishing Touch, The Academy of International Etiquette and Savoir - Vivre’, have developed customized programs designed to show you, the discerning customer, how to present yourself and your ideas with grace, charm, power, confidence and credibility. We aim to help you ‘open all the doors’ to success!

In the comfort and welcoming atmosphere of our academy established in Dubai knowledge village in 2007, we will provide you with comprehensive training in etiquette and courtesy rules that set the ground for all interpersonal relations in a modern multi-cultural society.

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