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Have you ever wondered why you like or dislike someone before you even meet them, what makes you intuitive about the other person just by looking at them or just by being around them? What makes you feel happy or relaxed and anxious or agitated at certain places? What if you could see the colors of your Chakras and Aura? If you have these questions and would like to know more about the energy field "Aura" of people and places then sign up for this interesting workshop.

This workshop will contain :
Explanation of the chakras, aura and its colors.
How to feel and see someone's aura easily.
Photo shooting of the aura of each participant along with a demonstration of visible chakras visible in the photography.
Meditation for chakra and aura cleansing and creating a protective shield.

FREE basic aura and chakra report for every participant based on the aura photograph taken (will be sent by email).

Note: Participants are requested to wear white during the workshop so that the aura can be clear in aura photography.




Facilitator: Zankhana Mistry
Date: Saturday, 13th April 2019
Time: 3 pm - 6 pm
Investment: AED 299
To register: [email protected]
Call us: 04 242 7704
WhatsApp: +971 (0)54 752 6560
Visit us: www.essentiawellbeing.com
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Essentia : Life Reflects You

Essentia wellbeing center is a holistic wellness space, located in the heart of Dubai. At Essentia we work with an integrated approach to facilitate discovery of your inner ability to be the best version of yourself. In every moment, we are complete and there always is a way forward; towards a better life.

Our Philosophy

What you are feeling is in the process of becoming! We are creators of our own reality. At every point in life YOU have the opportunity to create a different reality. The world around you is a mirror reflection of what is in within you. At Essentia we work towards creating opportunities and choices through empowerment and education. Opportunities that allow you to nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Our Mission

To create a space for you to just be yourself in a safe, non-judgemental environment. To facilitate greater self-discovery, happiness and a more fulfilled life. Providing essential tools to be all that you can be by tapping into your own inner essence and compassion.

Our Vision

As we continue to gift ourselves limitless possibilities and reach our most empowering potential; together, we move to wellbeing and oneness. Towards a Journey to Reconnect with the light within. ...

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