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This program offeres a concrete foundation for the participants to be more effective in each and every task assigned to them. Using the new techniques and advanced knowledge they will learnin the workshop, the participants will save time and money for the organization and will be able to better manage data and forecast needs and challenges.

the course helps participants to:
  • Understand the concept of data analytics & big data.
  • Know the importance of data analytic management field.
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of data analytics topics.
  • Properly analyze data using Excel/Google Docs.
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MENTOR is a management consulting firm that helps organizations to improve performance and reach their full potential. Since our establishment in 2006, we have served as a strategic partner to organizations of all sizes and worked with government entities, UN organizations, multinational businesses, non-profits, and financial institutions. Through a combination of consulting services, learning programs and digital applications, we guide organizations on their journey to becoming better at what they do. 1.We provide consultancy to organizations on how to create positive change and become more efficient and cohesive.
2.We equip employees and business leaders with skills required for change, through customized learning solutions.
3.We empower change through digital applications that help clients to operate and learn more effectively.
From our offices in California and Dubai, we work to deliver positive change in our client organizations and the customers they serve. Read more about us here: https://www.mentor-gc.com/
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