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Advanced Excel in 10 Days

If you are seeking a job in UAE / If you want to refresh Excel / If you don’t want to waste your time sitting in some institute and not getting anything then call Us. We offer professional Advance Excel Training within 10days. We are giving this course with a money back guarantee - “We value for your money”

Preparing excel MIS reports at your job must be your common and routine work, Companies wants from their employees to have these reports regularly on time basis. If you are one of them, then you must consider undergoing the Advance Excel Training.

Microsoft Excel workbook is one of the most commonly used tools to summarize and present data - When you know all advance excel techniques, this tool can perform that work with ultimate efficiency.

You can learn all about Advance excel like Macros, MIS, Pivot Table, Advance Dashboard, Lookup Functions, Filters from us and start doing it yourself as an expert. Our expert advance excel trainer and contents makes us premium advance excel learning place in UAE.
To prepare students to demonstrate understanding and ability to use the Excel in the following areas:
• Creating data boxes for financial accounting
• Using multiple sheets in a workbook to prepare financial reports
• Preparing professional quality statements for external reporting
• Creating graphing to interpret business results
• Using Excel functions to evaluate accounting data

Advanced Excel syllabus :

• Formatting data on Conditions
• Finding top 5 / 10 items in the Data
• Clearing & Managing Rules
• Adding data based on two attributes
• Highlight Duplicate & Unique Values
• Formatting data using Data Bars & Icons
• Summarizing a data based on single attribute
• Nested loops
• Creating Sub Totals
• Advance Filtering on more than 1 criteria
• Tips of copying Filtered data to New File
• Sorting data with Multiple Level Sorts
• Extracting Unique Values with filtering
• Creating Pivot table & analyzing data
• Creating sheets from Pivot table
• Table creation & text to column
• Creating Virtual Fields
• Changing Source
• Refreshing & Changing Pivot Table Range
• Calculations & Creating Dynamic Pivot
• Defining Name & work with tables
• Creating more than one Pivot table on one sheet
• Slicer
• Picking data based on row criteria
• Match and indexing
• Data Tables more than one variable
• Excel speech on data entry
• Slicer
• Analyzing data based on column criteria
• Data Tables single variable
• Data Entry Forms
• Creating Grade sheet/Result sheet for performance Creating data list in excel
• Creating Column, Line & Pie Charts
• Changing Chart type
• Method of pasting chart into PowerPoint
• Creating Drop Downs in cell
• Hyperlinking
• Shortcuts of Creating Charts
• Adding Target Line in chart
• Creating two axis chart & advance charting
• Sharing Workbook • Inserting object
• Auditing spread sheet
• Identifying source cells
• Tracing dependent cell
• Quick summary of data
• Using Attendance data to calculate payroll
• Changing source data year on year
• Rearranging the data in required sequence
• Record macros for automating tasks
• Macro with Keyboard & its benefit
• Creating Button to run a Macro
• Run / Delete a macro
• File Level Security
• Making the worksheets invisible
• Limiting access to cell
• Sheet Level Security
• Preventing Sheets from Deletion Cell / Row / Column Level Security
• Statistical : Count, CountA, CountIF, CountIFs, & CountBlank
• Change Case: Upper, Lower & Proper
• AND & OR in IF Condition
• & Conatenate, Sum, SumIF & SumIFs
• Logica l: If Condition with Multiple IF’s, Using
• Lookup : Advance & Multiple Vlookup & Hlookup

For Demo Sessions Contact: 0547899234
Feel free to visit us: www.vidhyaarun.com
Sheikh jaber Al sabah st
Ajman, Al Nuaimia
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