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Workshop on Advanced Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Master class): Complete Management Program for Senior Supply Chain, Logistics and Operations Managers.

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Program Overview:

This course “Advanced Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Master class)” is designed to help participants to understand how their organization can develop more effective supply chain and logistics operations. The program is designed to clearly demonstrate how each supply chain element interrelates and how participants can manage their supply chain for speed, reliability, cost, and efficiency thus leading to a high performing supply chain management.


For Whom:

This program is designed for Managers with work experience in Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Material Management, Transportation Management, Distribution and Warehousing, Operations Management, Inventory Management, Customer Service Fulfillment, Quality Control, Plant Engineering, Purchasing and Supply Management, Process Engineering, Finance and Cost Managers, Freight Forwarding, Import and Export Management, Business Administration and Key Account Management.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of the program, participants will:

Be able to learn necessary skills to initiate major improvements and innovations in supply chain management in their organizations

Broaden their understanding of current issues and trends in inventory, transportation, procurement and outsourcing. (Supply Chain Management)

Be able to demonstrate value creation through supply chain relationships management

Be able to improve business results through integrated supply chain and logistics management practices.

Be able to isolate key performance areas and related success factors

Be able to identify operational difficulties and develop practical improvement strategies and tactics.

Enhance their organization’s supply chain and logistics capabilities, and the ability to add sustainable value.

Learn through practical examples and case studies from experienced facilitators with cross fertilization of ideas from spectrum of industries.


Course Outline:


Day 1: Supply Chain and Logistics Management Strategy

  •          Laying the ground work for a world-class Supply Chain Management
  •          How the Supply Chain and Logistics Management boundaries have changed
  •          How to devise and implement the right supply chain for your organization
  •          Conducting a Supply Chain and Logistics Gap Analysis
  •          Strategies Leading Organizations are using to outsmart competition
  •          Selecting a Supply Chain Vision and Development Strategy
  •          Overcoming obstacles to success
  •          Integrating Supply Chain Information Technology
  •          Keys to supply chain management success in a networked economy
  •          Evaluating your IT capabilities and your customer’s
  •          Creating a strategic plan for IT modernization including e-commerce integration and new business models



Day 2: Process Management: The Path to Effective Operations

  •          Process thinking – Looking at the scope, components, & types of processes
  •          Examining the key supply chain management processes
  •          Finding opportunities for improvement using a process approach
  •          Performance measurement and process metrics
  •          How to launch change initiatives
  •          Strategic Inventory Management: Improving Service Levels & Profit Performance
  •          Leveraging from Inventory Performance
  •          The 5 points Approach
  •          Diagnosing Inventory Performance
  •          Inventory Replenishment Methods
  •          Common Mistakes in Inventory System Implementation


Day 3: Dynamic Management through Effective Leadership

  •          Human Resources impact on Supply Chain Performance
  •          Leadership styles for increasing Productivity in Supply Chain Performance
  •          Evaluating your leadership: Strength & Weakness
  •          Overcoming Employee’s change resistance and weakness
  •          Supply Chain Management: Key to Bottom-Line Result
  •          Strategic Supply Chain Management
  •          Prioritizing what is bought and from whom
  •          Achieving greater supplier cooperation
  •          Structuring the supply chain management function for result
  •          Adopting e-procurement technologies


Day 4: Effective Leadership: Managing people for result  

  •          Training for effective leadership
  •          Team building for success
  •          Leadership motivation
  •          Performance Measurement and Benchmarking
  •          Managing cost and Performance effectively
  •          Designing a balanced SCM Metrics for Performance Measurement
  •          Using Activity-based Management Methods
  •          Understanding the strategic and operational value of benchmarking


Day 5: World-class Distribution Operations

  •          Using distribution to deliver increased revenue, reduced cost and efficient assets management
  •          The perfect order: What it is and how to get it
  •          Harmonizing Labour and Facilities to work together
  •          Enhancing collaboration in and outside the organization
  •          Making the most of Third Party Outsourcing Strategies
  •          Creating Alliance for Powerful Supply Chain Solutions
  •          Managing Third Party Logistics
  •          Building Alliance for Long term Business Success


Training Methodology

Lectures, discussions, exercises, case studies, audio-visual aids will be used to reinforce these teaching/learning methods.


Experienced International Instructors


Special Offer

Group Discount Available


No. of Days: 5
Total Hours: 40
No. of Participants: 20
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