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Workshop on Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills for Executive Secretaries and Office Managers

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Program Overview:                                                                                                                                                                   This program on Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills will help participants develop and refine the skills needed to excel as an Office Manager, Administrator or Executive Secretary. It will explore in depth the interpersonal and behavioral skills necessary to ensure you are well prepared for the challenges of working with a variety of management styles. Participants will also learn how to stay in control whilst dealing with conflicting priorities.

This training will provide participants with practical overview of their responsibilities and the essential technical skills, knowledge and attitudes required to fulfill their roles successfully.

For Whom:

This program is designed for office Secretaries, Office administrators / Managers, Administrators, Personal assistants, and executive assistants, Administrative professionals and support staff. Equally suitable for those who perform the tasks within Administrative or Secretarial functions wishing to improve their skills

Learning objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize how to prioritize and cope with multiple tasks
  • See the office management & administration duties as part and parcel of the organization's business goals
  • Develop the skills necessary to plan, make effective decisions and solve problems, and handle pressure
  • Apply practical techniques to improve communications skills
  • Understand how to manage challenging behaviours
  • Apply assertiveness to be more effective in the workplace


Course outline:

DAY 1: Taking Control of Your Work Life

  •          Understanding and Clarifying Purpose, Vision and Mission
  •          External and Internal Customer Service
  •          The Secret to Working Smarter rather than Harder
  •          Controlling, Prioritizing and organizing Your Work
  •          Gaining an insight into your Strengths and Weaknesses
  •          Making Your Office User-friendly and Efficient

DAY 2: Essential Administrative Skills

  •          Right Brain / Left Brain Theory
  •          Managing Larger Projects to Meet Deadlines
  •          Planning and Problem Solving Skills
  •          Managing Meetings Effectively
  •          Working with more than One Manager

DAY 3: Vital Communication Skills

  •          Communication Styles and When to Use Them
  •          Communicating with Confidence
  •          Win-Win Conflict Resolution
  •          Understanding and using Body Language
  •          Understanding Gender Differences in Communication
  •          Understanding Different Personality Types and How to Deal with them

DAY 4: Developing as a Professional

  •          Listening Skills – seek first to understand then to be understood
  •          Creating a Professional Image
  •          Leadership Skills
  •          How to Make Presentations with Confidence and Power
  •          Painless Methods for Giving Corrective Feedback
  •          Best Practices for Delivering Positive Feedback

DAY 5: Self-Management and Empowerment

  •          Understanding the Main Causes of Stress
  •          How to Build Self-confidence and Strengthen the Ability to Respond to Difficult Situations
  •          The Essential Skills of Emotional Intelligence
  •          Using Emotional Intelligence at Work
  •          Becoming a more Proactive,
  •          Responsible and Self-aware Person
  •          Continuing Professional Development - where to go from here

Training Methodology:

The course is designed to have an interactive format to maximize delegates’ participation. Questions and answers are encouraged throughout and at the daily sessions. Needs-Based case-studies and examples will be discussed in problem solving sessions.

                NOTE: Case Studies, Last Day Review, Discussions & Assessment will be carried out.


Experienced International Instructors


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Group Discount Available


No. of Days: 5
Total Hours: 40
No. of Participants: 20
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