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Workshop on Anti-Corruption, Integrity, Ethics and Corporate Governance Course for Senior and Middle Level Executives

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Program Overview:                                                                                                                                                            Corruption is one of the root causes of extreme poverty, conflict and State fragility. It cripples States' ability to effectively deliver services and maintain the rule of law; it has strong adverse effects on the business climate and stands in the way of sustainable and equitable economic and social development. This course helps participants understand the drivers of corruption, strengthen their analytical skills and provide them with instruments to develop integrity and anti-corruption policies and programs in their organizations.

For Whom:

This program is designed for senior, middle level executives of multinational organizations, business organizations,  Ministries, Agencies, Departments, NGOs and those who are involved in anti-corruption, transparency and accountability processes in relation to development and good governance working for government, local and international organizations.


Learning objectives:

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  •          Examine the cross-cutting nature of corruption and its impact on social and economic development and the rule of law;
  •          Learn about innovative instruments and the latest international developments related to integrity and anti-corruption and analyzing how these could work
  •          Engage with government, civil society and the private sector to develop and implement integrity and anti-corruption policies and programs with a view to achieving sustainable development;
  •          Analyze the impact of corruption on public value and benefit, whilst identifying the key challenges in promoting and administering ethics and integrity within the public and private sector organizations
  •          Demonstrate an understanding of corruption and misconduct from both a comparative /historical and domestic / international context
  •          Apply and evaluate different approaches for addressing integrity assurance and corruption prevention strategies
  •          Support the establishment and strengthening of effective accountability and integrity systems in locally-appropriate ways;
  •          Recognize and describe the ethical frameworks applicable to the delivery of services.


Course outline:

Day 1: Understanding the Challenges of Corruption Prevention and Integrity Assurance: An Overview

  •          Magnitude and cost of corruption: How big is the problem?
  •          Definition and forms of corrupt behavior
  •          Definition of corruption.
  •          Main forms and types of corrupt behavior and misconduct.
  •          Potential grey areas and FAQs.

Day 2: Anti-Corruption Compliance frameworks

  •          External anti-corruption framework / legislation
  •          Conflicts of interest
  •          Identifying and managing conflicts of interest.
  •          Politicization and Work Place Culture

Day 3: Ethical Models in the Public and Private Sectors

  •          Principles of corruption prevention
  •          Organizational level: Generic anti-corruption framework.
  •          Individual level: Understanding corrupt conduct.
  •          Roles and responsibilities of an Executive Officer.
  •          Corruption prevention and control mechanisms
  •          Integrated corruption prevention strategy
  •          Public sector mechanism, private sector issues and mechanisms, civil society mechanisms

Day 4: Corruption-risk management.

  •          Internal Controls
  •          Managing the challenges
  •          Management styles and ethical decision-making

Day 5: Detecting corruption

  •          Connecting the dots.
  •          Red flags and warning signs.
  •          Means of detection.
  •          Corporate Governance
  •          Models and mechanisms,

o   Best practices

  •          Corruption myths and why anti-corruption efforts fail        

Training Methodology:

The course is designed to have an interactive format to maximize delegates’ participation. Questions and answers are encouraged throughout and at the daily sessions. Needs-Based case-studies and examples will be discussed in problem solving sessions.

NOTE: Case Studies, Last Day Review, Discussions & Assessment will be carried out.


Experienced International Instructors


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No. of Days: 5
Total Hours: 40
No. of Participants: 20
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