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Our Pro Kitchen program not only offers the benefits of exposure in the Hot Kitchen but also allows for international acknowledgment of that time and the experience you gained here under the guidance of our talented team of culinary instructors. The program focuses on teaching all the fundamental techniques of cooking & food handling and prepares students to become professional chefs (entry-level) in any restaurant kitchen globally.

Students will spend approximately 70% of their time learning culinary techniques (French classical) with the remainder of the program devoted to the application of these acquired skills to international cuisines and pastry techniques. All subjects are developed and taught in a practical environment (90% hands-on) where students will be able to learn, understand, create and develop their skills in cooking. The program ensures that students gain skills individually and as a group; by the end of the program, all students will have increased knowledge of food and preparatory skills, have team management and leadership skills, and finally have developed time management and organisational skills.

  • Certificate issued by SCAFA
  • City & Guilds (London) IVQ Food Preparation and Cooking (Culinary Arts) Level 2 Diploma (8064-01)
  • Certification duly attested by the Government of Dubai’s Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) Please find the additional payment details for each certification option in the payment plan below.
Work Placement:
SCAFA understands the importance most students place on work placement and has a well-developed process to ensure our students have the best opportunity to secure work, within the UAE. The work placement programme at SCAFA includes:
  • CV assistance and distribution
  • Arranging interviews and interview practice
  • Reviewing offers and advice
  • Work placement services are offered free of cost to students
SCAFA has an excellent track record of placing students. We work closely with all successful students to ensure that they receive calls for interviews, are properly prepared and advise them on the suitability of offers that they receive. Scafa is an exclusive training partner of IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group) and works closely with IHG, Marriott group, Accor, Emaar hospitality, Gates Hospitality, and a bespoke restaurant like 3 Fils, Walnut Grove etc. The offers that each student generates is dependent on their performance in the interviews.



No. of Days: 65
Total Hours: 400
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SCAFA, Dubai’s School of Culinary And Finishing Arts is a full-service culinary arts training institute offering the complete spectrum of culinary arts courses. We have full-time education programmes for students aspiring to become professional chefs and advanced programmes for chefs looking to upskill their abilities. The School also offers professional programmes for students seeking professional skills but lacking the time to commit to full-time education, thereby offering these individuals an opportunity to pursue their ambition.
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