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Conference on Strategic Dialogues: Innovation in Oil, Gas and Energy

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On-Site / Conference
Ended last Nov 30, 2018
USD  1,500.00


Day 1: 26th November 2018 - Strategic Dialogue: Global Oil Outlook

Paper 1-
Global Economic Outlook-Oil and Gas perspective

Paper 2-
The National Oil Companies-Growth and survival
IOC’s Strategies-New directions for the upstream industry

Day 2: 27th November 2018 – Global Oil Market Dynamics and Perspective

Paper 1-
The Big Disruption in the oil price
A new triangle of price determination

Paper 2-
Upstream Performance Trends: Cost or technology-which can provide a relief in today’s low oil price?
Are current policies an aid or risk to development? 

Day 3: 28th November 2018 -  Strategic Dialogues-Gas

Paper 1-
Creating open gas market-Getting deregulation right
Emerging gas trading hubs- What implications for LNG markets and pricing
Competitiveness of LNG; Costs and Innovation

Paper 2-
Upstream-Africa Gas Supply future
Financing the Gas future

Day 4: 29th November 2018 -  Strategic Dialogues-Energy

Paper 1-
Pace and scale of energy innovation
Building the energy innovation ecosystem

Paper 2-
Future of global renewables
Energy power transition-Global strategies

Day 5: 30th November 2018 - Investment Perspective: Oil, Gas and Energy

Paper 1-
Finance of future Oil and Gas investments
Do we have enough investments for future energy needs?

Paper 2-
Electric power infrastructure
Case study and group discussions
Feedback, action points and closing ceremony


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