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Cutting the Ties that Create Emotional Withdrawal Meditation

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Ended last Apr 07, 2019
AED  60.00


This cord has the ability to share energy and transmit a high frequency of communication, which may explain why we often feel and connect telepathically with our partners' thoughts and emotions.

When the cord is healthy, it can create a vibrant, energetic source exchange but when the cord is unhealthy, it can often lead to feeling controlled or drained of energy.

Most of us will intuitively know how strong our cord is with someone, but if you are unsure, a good measure is how strong or how often you think or feel towards someone, especially if the thoughts are obsessive, manipulative or fearful.

Cords can be connected with people, objects, spaces, patterns, etc. we always ask for unhealthy psychic cords to be cleared while maintaining healthy silver cords.

Especially when it comes to relationships, cutting the cord can help break the energetic attachments created and can help you to move on to receive new opportunities in your life. Cutting the cord can help you recharge the energy, feel a sense of peace, can help you let go and can bring about new positive opportunities.




Facilitator: Praveen Raghavan
Date: Monday, 7th of April 2019
Time: 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Investment: AED 60
To register: [email protected]
Call us: 04 242 7704
WhatsApp: +971 (0)54 752 6560
Visit us: www.essentiawellbeing.com
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Essentia wellbeing center is a holistic wellness space, located in the heart of Dubai. At Essentia we work with an integrated approach to facilitate discovery of your inner ability to be the best version of yourself. In every moment, we are complete and there always is a way forward; towards a better life.

Our Philosophy

What you are feeling is in the process of becoming! We are creators of our own reality. At every point in life YOU have the opportunity to create a different reality. The world around you is a mirror reflection of what is in within you. At Essentia we work towards creating opportunities and choices through empowerment and education. Opportunities that allow you to nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Our Mission

To create a space for you to just be yourself in a safe, non-judgemental environment. To facilitate greater self-discovery, happiness and a more fulfilled life. Providing essential tools to be all that you can be by tapping into your own inner essence and compassion.

Our Vision

As we continue to gift ourselves limitless possibilities and reach our most empowering potential; together, we move to wellbeing and oneness. Towards a Journey to Reconnect with the light within. ...

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