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ommunication is the activity of conveying meaningful information.It requires a sender,message and an intended recipient.Communicating with others is an essential skill in business dealings and family affairs.

  • You often find yourself misunderstanding others?
  • Do you have difficulty getting your point across clearly?

If the answer of above qustions are YES,then COME and JOIN US.


Who Should Attend?

This course is for those people who want to understand how to communicate more effectively with their friends, customers, their staff, their colleagues, and their bosses.
Components of Communication


Communication Involves Three Components:

  1. Verbal Messages – the words we choose
  2. Paraverbal Messages – how we say the words
  3. Nonverbal Messages – our body language

These three componets are used to:

  • Send Clear, Concise Messages
  • Receive and Correctly
  • Understand Messages Sent to Us.


Key Learning Points

Lession 1 : Getting to know yourself – CHOIce

• What is your personality type?
• What are your communication preferences?
• What are your communication tendencies?

Lesson 2 : Understanding others – CHOIce

• What other personality types are out there?
• What are their communication preferences?
• What are their communication tendencies?

Lesson 3 : Making allowance for others Choice and circumstance

  • Consider your approach
  • What is the receiver’s CHOICE?
  • What type of message are you delivering?
  • Is sensitivity, personal touch, speed, evidence, privacy or public acknowledgement most important?
  • Develop strategies for future application

Lesson 4 : Understanding Communication Barriers

• An Overview of Common Barriers
• Language Barriers
• Cultural Barriers
• Differences in Time and Place

Lesson 5 : Para verbal Communication Skills

• The Power of Pitch
• The Truth about Tone
• The Strength of Speed

Lesson 6 : Non-Verbal Communication

• Understanding the Mehrabian Study
• All About Body Language
• Interpreting Gestures

Lesson 7 : Speaking Like a S.T.A.R.

• S = Situation
• T = Task
• A = Action
• R = Result
• Summary

Lesson 8 : Active Listening Skills

• Seven Ways to Listen Better Today
• Understanding Active Listening
• Sending Good Signals to Others

Lesson 9 : Asking Good Questions

• Open Questions
• Closed Questions
• Probing Questions

Lesson 10 : Appreciative Inquiry

• The Purpose of AI
• The Four Stages
• Examples and Case Studies

Lesson 11 : Mastering the Art of Conversation

• Level One: Discussing General Topics
• Level Two: Sharing Ideas and Perspectives
• Level Three: Sharing Personal Experiences
• Our Top Networking Tips

Lesson 12 : Conversational Psychology

• Understanding Precipitating Factors
• Establishing Common Ground
• Using “I” Messages

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