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If you are seeking a job in UAE / If you want to refresh Excel / If you don’t want to waste your join United.

Preparing excel MIS reports at your job must be your common and routine work, Companies wants from their employees to have these reports regularly on time basis. If you are one of them, then you must consider undergoing the Advance Excel Training.

Microsoft Excel workbook is one of the most commonly used tools to summarize and present data - When you know all advance excel techniques, this tool can perform that work with ultimate efficiency.

You can learn all about Advance excel like Macros, MIS, Pivot Table, Advance Dashboard, Lookup Functions, Filters from us and start doing it yourself as an expert. Our expert advance excel trainer and contents makes us premium advance excel learning place in UAE.
To prepare students to demonstrate understanding and ability to use the Excel in the following areas:
• Creating data boxes for financial accounting
• Using multiple sheets in a workbook to prepare financial reports
• Preparing professional quality statements for external reporting
• Creating graphing to interpret business results
• Using Excel functions to evaluate accounting data

For demo sessions Contact: 0547727005 | 0506016017 | 0547899234

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